Why I'm Running

We Need Strong Conservatives on the Supreme Court

We need strong conservatives on the Alabama Supreme Court - and that’s what I’ll be.

My judicial philosophy will be simple and straightforward - What does the law say? Because that’s how I will rule.

I will faithfully interpret and enforce the law as it’s written. I won’t legislate from the bench or make things up in order to achieve a particular outcome.

If someone wants to see a law created or changed, they have no business coming to court. They need to go through the normal lawmaking process with the Legislature.


We Need to Get It Right in Montgomery

Like many of you, I’m worn out with the turmoil in Montgomery the last few years. We’re in a unique moment where we need people to go to Montgomery who know how to do a job, will do the job capably, and will serve the people of Alabama with integrity and excellence. That’s what I’m committed to do.

I’m not running for a bigger paycheck, judicial retirement, or a “safe seat.” I’m running to serve the people of Alabama and make a difference in our state capital.


We Need Judges Who Uphold the Constitution and the Founding Principles of Our Nation

Many people are forgetting about the greatness of America and what makes our nation exceptional. We have to turn that around.

I will do everything in my power to uphold the United States Constitution and the principles on which our nation was founded - freedom, the rule of law, and the separation of powers.

And I will do everything I can to remind our citizens - especially students and those in younger generations - about why we live in the greatest nation on earth and how we must all work together to ensure that our treasured freedoms do not erode.


Jay Mitchell for Alabama Supreme Court